QRS, Inc was created to bring the sophisticated tools, techniques and strategies that the “wealthy” use to the “middle market” at a fair price.

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Feb 20, 2017 by Quintessential Retirement Services, Inc

I just wanted to send a quick note and thank all of the "presidents" out there.  I used to work with very wealthy individuals and I realized that they had a lot of access to advice and services that the "general public" (me and you) did not have.  So I started QRS to bring these "tools" to the "middle market...

Feb 13, 2017 by Quintessential Retirement Services, Inc

Last night (Sunday 2/13/17) I stayed up late (for me at least) and tried to make until the end of the Grammys (I did not).  I am not sure if it is my age (43) or if I am just uncool (not likely).  But most of the night I was shaking my head wondering what I was watching.

It started with Cee lo Green showing up either wearing a mask...

Dec 04, 2016 by Quintessential Retirement Services, Inc

  It's that time of year again.  The snow has started falling in Chicago (in full disclosure I am writing this at 10:20am Sunday    morning from my condo in FL.  The windows are open, I'm in shorts and the temperature should reach 83 degrees today. But I  am with you in spirit.  And next week, I'll be with you, as I...

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